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State of Digital Marketing in AU 2016

State of Digital Marketing in AU

Digital Marketing in AU has flourished in past years, mainly due to smart techniques by advertisers using the latest lead gen techniques. Most of which have been in development by big box outlets for years. Now hitting measurable fruition, many have adopted these techniques into their marketing plan. This of course has led to higher customer satisfaction and a jump in conversion rates. Many smaller outlets have adopted these into the fold for their marketing as well.

Here's a little gem from 2014:

Banner Solicitation

By designing a webpage to display prominent ad collateral in above-the-fold sections of their websites has led to noticeable click-thru rates. Left and right columns built-in have seen a jump in clicks as well as slimmer profile banner ads placed above page content. Some have made use of quick flashing graphics which draw the users attention.


Designing content for high conversion ads on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) has also led to healthy click-thru rates. Cost per click has still been an issue for some agencies when comparing cost with organics. Designing proper text can help turn the tide subtly but not significantly.  Committed cost has also been steady for the past few years while organics stand steady as the more expensive upstart cost but having a lower ongoing cost. Top SERP pages still land on Google which Bing and Yahoo follow behind. Bing and Yahoo have experienced a small gain in search volume over this past year.

Mobile Revolution

2013 Smart Phone trendsMillennials have increasingly been trading in their clunky PCs for smart phones (iSO and Android leading the pac) which have sparked a revolution in how the millennial generation accesses their information. Google now tracks search data for desktop and mobile separately. Indexing is also separate which has led many marketers to view their mobile presence entirely different from years past. Many are scrambling to catch-up with developing trends in the market place.  Could there be a future where mobile is king and desktop fades out? We shall see.


Social Network MarketingHow can we not forget about Social Networks as means to gain visibility? This avenue has worked in the past for larger brands. Smaller Ma & Pop stores have not seen as high of return. Maybe it is time Facebook develops a plan for those with less-deep pockets?